Social Change

Socionaut is an international consultancy specializing in Social Performance and Sustainability.

Our purpose is to be catalysts

for positive social change,


Consulting services

Consulting services

Professional Network

Professional Network

Training and Certification

Training and Certification

Our Guiding Principles


We strive to walk in the shoes of every stakeholder - to fully appreciate needs and necessary outcomes.
"Empathy with all social actors is essential to understand and direct development."

Mauricio Diaz


We challenge ourselves to think and work creatively, seeking new and improved methods to better address critical needs.
"At Socionaut, innovation is a central pillar. We seek to innovate in everything we do."

Renato Urresta.


We mitigate complex social issues by crafting simple, clear interventions that are easily understood and applied.
"In the midst of social complexities, our goal is to find simple, direct and sustainable solutions."

Sebastian Urresta

Navigating Social Change

We are a glocal community of recognized Social Performance professionals formally affiliated through a proprietary virtual hub dedicated to promoting expertise and delivering services, sharing best in class collaboration tools, and supporting international standards and professional development through training and certification.

Strategic alliances