About us

Socionaut is an international consulting firm that is re-imagining sustainability and social performance practices with the purpose of being catalysts for positive change, everywhere. We are a diverse and experienced group of social scientists whose vision is to revolutionize traditional consulting services, create a global community of social specialists, and promote local and global knowledge that contributes to society and the environment.

Founding partners of


The founding partners of Socionaut are recognized as MaRS and are in charge of executing the vision of the firm. The partners have the responsibility of promoting the Socionaut culture inside and outside the organization, as well as developing the business and directing projects. MaRS contributes to the firm with its dedication, experience and professional trajectory.

Sebastian Urresta

Founding partner

Expert in communication plans, consultation and participation processes, conflict prevention and resolution, negotiation of agreements for development. With more than 15 years of experience in complex social projects in the mining, energy and international cooperation sectors.

“Passion is inherited. I come from a family of social scientists and it fills me with pride to have become one.”

Founding partner

Specialist in urban and regional planning. Expert in land acquisition and population resettlement, community development and comprehensive social performance strategies with more than 27 years of experience in complex projects in the energy, infrastructure and mining sectors.

“Since my time of university studies, I have guided my work by the maxim: There is nothing more practical than a good theory. Today I confirm that it is very current in the field of social performance”

Mauricio Díaz

Renato Urresta

Founding partner

Expert in social impact assessment and management strategies in line with international standards and best practices, relationship processes and inclusive participation, with more than 15 years of experience in the energy, mining, oil and gas sectors.

“I am passionate about working in different places, with different interest groups, in different socio-economic contexts and environmental challenges. My motivation lies in providing opportunities for all actors, the great social challenges that investment projects present”

Technical Leads

Recognized experts in various branches of sustainability make up Socionaut’s advisory committee. These professionals contribute with their experience to the positioning and direction of the firm, to achieve the proposed objectives, always maintaining a fresh, innovative and objective vision. As a young company, Socionaut has the support of the expert committee to make sound decisions that contribute to the good of the company, as well as to the proper development of projects, contributing to a positive impact.


Jhon Doe

Experto en Reasentamiento de Población, Desarrollo y Desempeño Social en los sectores Mínería, Energía e Infraestructura.

Technical Leads

Expertos reconocidos en varias ramas de la sostenibilidad conforman el comité de consejeros de Socionaut. Estos profesionales contribuyen con su experiencia al posicionamiento y direccionamiento de la firma, para alcanzar los objetivos propuestos, manteniendo siempre una visión fresca, innovadora y objetiva. Cómo una empresa joven, Socionaut cuenta con el apoyo de el comité de expertos para tomar decisiones acertivas, que contribuyan al bien de la empresa, así como también para el correcto desarrollo de los proyectos, contribuyendo a un impacto positivo.


Jhon Doe

Experto en Reasentamiento de Población, Desarrollo y Desempeño Social en los sectores Mínería, Energía e Infraestructura.

Our Team

Socionaut’s client service delivery and project execution are led and managed by seasoned Social Performance experts and specialized consultants whose shared experiences, knowledge and commitment to delivering numerous projects in Latin America and elsewhere comprise Socionaut’s DNA.

Renato Urresta

Expert in social impact assessment and managment strategies in line with interational standards and best practice, relationship processes and inclusive particpation, with more than 15 years of experiencie in the mining, oil and gas sectors.

Paola Espín

Economist and social consultant with over 8 years of experience in social, environmental, and resettlement planning in Latin America. Specialized in planning and strategy for social, mining, environmental and energy projects.

Sebastián Urresta

Expert in communications plans, consultation and participation processes, conflict prevention and resolution, negotiation of agreements for development. With more than 15 years of experience in complex social projects in the mining, energy and international cooperation sectors.

Daniela Urresta

Environmental communicator. Specialist in participation, community relations, social management and communication strategies.

Rommel Jauregui

Anthropologist. Specialist in applied research, planning, coordination, and monitoring and evaluation of plans, programs and social and public health projects directed at vulnerable populations.

Casey Luongo

Political scientist. Specialist in socio-environmental projects, participation processes and social investment.

Camila Tello

Social communicator.

Specialist in Organizational Communication and Public Affairs. Experience in nonprofit and private organizations, execution of communication plans and audits. Socionaut Operations Coordinator.

Edwin Urresta

Senior Social Performance Technical and Legal Advisor. Edwin brings over 35 years of professional experience in the extractive sector, encompassing the mining and oil industries, as well as the energy sector and international infrastructure development.

Jury Patricia Valbuena

Specialist in Managerial Accounting, with over 10 years of experience leading financial teams in multinational companies across various sectors. Focused on professionally enhancing the organization’s profitability and productivity.

Eduar Valbuena

Socio-environmental Consultant specializing in environmental impact assessment, road infrastructure studies, and environmental regulatory compliance, including Due Diligence A&S. Proficient in IFC and World Bank standards.

Cayena Ortegón

Anthropologist with experience in the application of Performance Standards – IFC  and good international practices, field work with vulnerable and non-vulnerable communities, analysis, mediation and resolution of socio-environmental conflicts.

Daniel Mascarenhas

Social communicator. Specialist in Social Responsibility, Sustainability, ESG, Risk Analysis, Environmental Affairs and Institutional Relations.

Priscila Gómez

Economist. Specialist in livelihood restoration, labor insertion of rural communities, social investment programs and initiatives in the mining field

Caleb Negret

Anthropologist with expertise in researching social investment plans, land access, compensation frameworks, and PRMV within the infrastructure, mining, oil, and gas industries. Aligned with the application of international standards (BM, IFC & IDB). Strategic coordinator and executive support.

Sandra Baca

Geomatic Engineer specialized in Geographic Information Systems, bringing extensive experience in collaborative projects related to the Energy, Mining, Oil, and Gas sectors for both public and private institutions across Latin America.

Jhon Arana

Accounting Analyst specializing in expense and budget tracking, financial performance auditing and analysis. Proficient in financial forecasting and risk analysis.

Andrea Gutiérrez

Social Anthropologist. Specialist in evaluating risks and social impacts, compliance with international standards and community relations.

Andrés K. Cornish

Sustainable Development Engineer specialized in social performance and sustainability projects for Latin America. Strategic Coordinator and Executive Support.

Daniela Pardo Yépez

PhD candidate at the University of Lisbon and Senior Consultant for social projects and strategy. She has more than 16 years of experience in managing community projects, from the construction of proposals, including diagnosis, implementation and monitoring. Experience in gender issues and community development.

Daniel Cárdenas

Sociologist. Specialist in sociodemographic studies, social participation and restoration of livelihoods for resettlement..

Isabelle de Lima Fonseca

Senior consultant in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with 9 years of experience in activities related to federal roads. She specializes in creating geospatial databases, maps and spatial analysis.